A good base makes a great play space

Offering multiple color options, premium triple-layer backing, ADA accessibility, and much more, Playground Grass is the superior synthetic grass.

Playground Grass solutions are enjoyed by parents and kids everywhere. With mounds, Funcerts, and multiple color options there is a solution for every application.

It’s safe

Underneath the surface is a durable underlayment that meets strict fall ratings. Our Safety Foam Pro exceeds head injury criterion requirements.

It’s clean

Our Safety Foam Pro has a limestone drainage base, so mud and rain are never issues! Infill is limited and locked in, so kids will leave the playground clean. Select Playground Grass products are available with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology for the highest level of safety and sanitation available.

It's accessible

Playground Grass is ADA-accessible, so children of all abilities can access it. On top of that, XStatic™ antistatic technology prevents static buildup which can damage cochlear implants and hearing aids.


To add intrigue and contour to playgrounds, especially those in flat, downtown areas, ForeverLawn developed PlayMounds. These mounds are made of prefabricated foam with a protective layer of expanded polypropylene, then covered with Playground Grass. They are durable, long-lasting and exciting for kids to play on.

Your vision is our goal

Step 1 Connect with us

Whether you have a whole plan or just an idea, we are happy to chat with you and determine how ForeverLawn of Ohio can help you.

Step 2 We'll install

After we’ve collaborated and determined the best turf solution for you, our professional team of installers will bring your vision to life.

Step 3Enjoy your long-lasting turf solution

With ForeverLawn’s premium products and our superior installation, you can be confident that your turf will hold up against the test of time.

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