This is what kids were meant to play on!

Safe to play on, soft to fall on—Playground Grass™ is the ideal surface for safe and clean children’s playgrounds and play areas.


Playground Grass™ meets the 13 foot critical fall height requirements and exceeds the Head Injury Criterion requirements by 63% on ASTM 1292. We also monitor and meet all the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and recommendations for playground surfaces.


The turf’s low pile height makes it accessible for children of all abilities, particularly children in wheelchairs. Plus with XStatic™ antistatic technology, you don’t have to worry about static buildup damaging cochlear implants and hearing aids.


AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology is manufactured into the blades of select Playground Grass products for playgrounds that desire the highest level of safety and sanitation available. Plus, proper drainage ensures water doesn’t sit in the turf. The kids’ shoes will come home mud-free!

The play solutions enjoyed by parents and kids everywhere

Playground Grass Academy

Playground Grass Academy stands at the front of the class in playground surfacing. Taller XP blades mixed with the natural appearing tan thatch provide the ultimate in realism with a highly durable construction. The tan thatch also serves as a “hide and hold” feature related to infill for added safety.

Playground Grass Discovery

Playground Grass Discovery is designed with smaller children and unique indoor environments in mind. Discover is not a discussion of durability, but the use of soft XP fibers, constructed in a short, dense product (with a thatch) means there is no need for infill. No infill means the small children have nothing to put in their mouth or eyes.

Playground Grass Extreme

Playground Grass Extreme offers extreme realism and durability in one product. The turf incorporates two types of blades—straight and curled—for a lush, full look and to help lock in infill for added safety.

Playground Grass Ultra

Playground Grass Ultra features lightly-textured polyethylene blades with a textured nylon thatch zone to create a full, dense and safe product. The fullness comes from the construction, and the additional safety is a result of the AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection and XStatic™ antistatic technology manufactured into the blades.

Clients across the country love Playground Grass

“Peace Lutheran Preschool installed artificial turf on their playground in 2006. We have been very pleased with the performance and durability of the product that we installed. The product is very low maintenance and has withstood the constant traffic of 90 students daily and the Sunday school weekend traffic. This product is state approved for impact zones and provides a clean and sanitary surface for our students to enjoy. I would recommend this product to any preschool.”


Annette E. Johnson
Director of PLP

“Once again, we are pleased beyond our expectations! It’s so rare …. after spending such a large sum, there’s usually some ‘buyer’s remorse’ … but that doesn’t happen with ForeverLawn.
Everyone involved with your company is polite, courteous, and dedicated to providing quality service and actually proud of the product. I so enjoy doing business with you.


I look forward to the next time we can do business together.”


Cathy Page
Premier Academy

“I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on the Jamerson Family YMCA playground. With the location right at our front door, I was concerned that the playground would detract from the beauty of our building, especially the turf. You did a wonderful job. We have received numerous compliments and everyone wants to know where we got our ‘grass.’ In fact one member likes the turf so much, he wants to install it in his yard.


Thank you for your fine customer service, your professionalism and your attention to detail. I highly recommend you and your product to everyone who wants turf that looks like the real thing, but provides the safety and performance of your product.”


Susan Landergan
CEO, YMCA of Central Virginia

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