About the project:

St. Stephens Community House in Columbus, Ohio is a safe haven for the community that offers assistance to residents in the Greater Linden area to promote community building, self-sufficiency, and individual well-being. they offer programs and services such as employment, social development, community organization, education, and childcare. With the desire to create a fun and safe play area for kids, they turned to ForeverLawn of Ohio to install Playground Grass™ Extreme.


Columbus, OH

Project type:

Playground Grass Extreme

As a safe haven for the community, St. Stephens Community House wanted to create a beautiful play space where kids could run and play safely. They were attracted to ForeverLawn™ artificial grass because of the integrity of our products, and together we selected Playground Grass Extreme as the best solution. Playground Grass Extreme is made up of two different types of blades for increased durability and realism, making it the most cost-effective solution for this project. A small area of 850 square feet was installed, in addition to a larger 2300 square foot area.