Shipshewana Cove

Location: Shipshewana, Indiana
Products: SportsGrass®Edge XP
Project Type: Baseball Field

No more softball game delays!

Shipshewana Cove is a recreational facility that was built to support Amish youth. Softball is a frequent activity in the Amish community and often they have tournaments that draw 60+ teams from all over the US. In previous years, if it rains on the day of a tournament, they would simply have to cancel because the mud made it too dangerous to play. Rain delays or cancellation cost time and money, and nobody wants to deal with them, but ForeverLawn had a solution.

Edge XP turf was installed and white lines were added for a fully functioning softball field, and it was a total game changer. The level of play has been elevated and they no longer need to worry about mud delaying their games. To complete the project, we added custom logos of each of the sponsors to the field.