Red Apartments

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Products: ForeverLawn Select®
Fusion Elite
Project Type: Outdoor Space

Inner private courtyard

Everyone loves a private courtyard! The people at the Red Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio are no exception. In the center of the apartment, they had a courtyard that the residents loved and used heavily, but it became apparent quickly that the natural grass could not withstand the wear and tear. They opted for a lower-maintenance option and called us to install our Fusion Elite synthetic grass. With its Legacy Fiberâ„¢ yarn that boats durability in heavily used areas. Now the residents at the Red Apartments have a clean and soft place to have yoga sessions or picnics!

The inner courtyard is the place to hang out. Barbeques, yard games, lounging by the pool. With our soft multicolored blades and premium triple layer backing system the turf really gave it that backyard feel.