Parks Edge Condo

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Products: ForeverLawn Select® LX
Project Type: Outdoor Space

A beautiful downtown view

The resident of the Parks Edge Condo has an incredible view of downtown, but something was wrong. The black rubber roof of the building was visible from some apartments and stuck out like a sore thumb. They didn’t just want to make it band it, they wanted to enhance the roof, and then an idea formed - they decided to install synthetic grass on the roof and make a cozy little rooftop courtyard.

They reached out to ForeverLawn of Ohio to fulfill their needs. Our Select LX turf uses green and a bit of tan thatch to offer an incredibly realistic look. It also has triple-layer backing that is designed to last for years and years with little maintenance. We then added some colorful rocks and now the view from the Park Edge Condos is complete!