Ohio school district

Location: OH
Products: Playground Grass™ Ultra
Project Type: Playground

Extremely safe and clean

After installing Playground Grass™ at one school’s playground, the school district as a whole decided to install our product in four additional locations. One school had to tear out its entire playground and requested the best possible surface for the new build.

We selected Playground Grass Ultra for its full, dense construction that adds to the safety of the turf. This grass was installed around the school’s brand-new basketball court, new swing set, and three new play structures. In addition to its beautiful appearance, Playground Grass Ultra is extremely safe and clean due to AlphaSan® antimicrobial and XStatic™ antistatic technology manufactured into the blades.

The turf was installed by ForeverLawn of Ohio’s team of professionals, and they finished just in time for the kids to enjoy the new playground on the first day of school. Teachers and playground monitors can now trust that the children are safe while playing, and the school doesn’t have to worry about costly and time-consuming playground maintenance.