Oasis Youth Center

Location: Charm, OH
Products: SportsGrass® Edge XP
Project Type: Baseball Field

No more worrying about wear and tear

The Oasis Youth Center in Charm, Ohio was built to be just what the name says: an oasis for youth. It was created to be a safe place for the local youth the spend quality time with their friends and God. They wanted to put in a baseball diamond to give some outdoor activity options, but the mud and grass that usually comes with a baseball diamond would require upkeep time that they could dedicate to more important things.

The owners of the youth center came to us to see what we had to offer and after talking with our expert team, they chose ForeverLawn of Ohio to solve their problem. With our SportsGrass Edge XP that is built to last through years of wear and tear, they don’t have to worry about upkeep, and they can focus entirely on baseball and more importantly on the youth center.