Northwood Village

Location: Dover, Ohio
Products: ForeverLawn Select® EL
Project Type: Outdoor Space

An allergen-free environment

Northwood Village is a premier senior living facility, and they wanted to cultivate a premium experience for their residents. They wanted to add an outdoor space for the residents to spend time in so the most important thing to the people at Northwood Village was to keep the environment clean. They needed something that would provide a soft and attractive surface, but natural grass comes with needing to mow and fertilize, etc, and all of those things release allergens into the air, so it wasn’t an option. Being in the market for turf, they reached out to us and asked for our help.

We expertly recommended the Select EL synthetic grass, which is built for highly trafficked areas, because they knew the area would be popular. This selection provides a shorter and more manicured look with a rich, dark appearance. Now the senior residents have a safe and clean space to relax outdoors.