Makino Park

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Products: Playground Grass™ Ultra
Project Type: Park

Bold colors for a worthy cause

It’s rare that we get to work on a project as beautiful as the one we had the privilege of being a part of in Makino Park. The city of Mason, Ohio put an incredible amount of thought and work into this park that is designed in consultation with not only us, but also local manufacturers, parents of children with disabilities, inclusive playground manufacturers, therapists, and other professionals who work with children and adults with special needs. They wanted it to be very colorful and mentally stimulating so that everyone can get the most out of the park.

We had the perfect option for them! We installed our Playground Grass Ultra in green, red, orange, yellow, and multiple shades of blue to make the park really come to life. In addition to that, the Playground Grass was designed with XStatic™ antistatic technology to avoid any static buildup that would damage cochlear implants and hearing aids, and the look pile height makes it accessible for all children, specifically those in wheelchairs.