Grove City Baseball Fields

Location: Grove City, OH
Products: SportsGrass® Edge XP
Project Type: Baseball Field

SportsGrass for little league fields

When Joe Heiby, Parks and Maintenance Director in Grove City, Ohio, felt that the area needed a little something extra, he pitched the idea for two new little league baseball infields. The project was completed in the fall of 2015 and since little league players of Grove City and surrounding areas have played some great games on this fresh new turf.

With his grand idea in the works, Joe reached out to ForeverLawn of Ohio. Our professional team selected SportsGrass® Edge XP because of its natural-looking appearance, dense construction, and short pile height perfect for baseball fields. This premium artificial grass has much less infill than other types of sports turf, giving it a realistic feel and improved safety for Grove City’s little league players. This big project required 24,000 square feet of SportsGrass Edge XP and was completed in just four weeks, and in 2020, we completed two more fields for a total of 50,000 square feet laid.