Golf Lover

Location: Berlin, Ohio
Products: GolfGreens™ True Putt
10/11 and Fringe
Project Type: Putting Green

A child’s dream backyard

Who doesn’t love a warm summer day that you can spend cooling off by the pool? The only thing better than that is cooling off by the pool while you practice your golf stroke. The residents of this project location had a pool in their backyard but they were looking for a way to make that space even more fun. They knew that an on-site putting green was going to be the perfect addition.

They gave us a call and after consulting with our team of experts, they that the GolfGreen turf that was going to best suit their needs was True Putt 10/11 and Fringe. This low-maintenance, high-value synthetic grass provided a fun new space and the residents won’t need to worry about puddling and mud if they're coming straight from the pool!