Columbus Residence

Location: Columbus, OH
Products: GolfGreens™ Fringe
True Putt 10/11
Project Type: Mini Putting Green

Back porch putting green

The lovely family that lives in this local residence, had a very comfortable back porch. It was almost a perfect place to relax. Attached to the back porch was a large flowerbed that was a nightmare to maintain, which impeded the comfort of the porch. When the family would spend time out there they would be reminded of all the maintenance that they hadn’t done. After careful consideration, they realized that not only could they remove the eyesore that was that flowerbed, but the space could even be useful!

They reached out to us here at ForeverLawn and we loved their solution as much as they did. Our professionals selected Fringe and True Putt 10/11 GolfGreens for their very own mini putting green. After a quick and easy installation, their back porch space was transformed, and now not only do they not have to worry about maintaining the flowerbed, but they also don’t need to worry about maintaining their mini putting green! Our GolfGreens are expertly designed to last for years through wear and tear, and we even guarantee consistent ball rolls each time you swing.