Bucyrus Mini Field

Location: Bucyrus, Ohio
Products: SportsGrass®Edge XP
Project Type: Outdoor Space

A safe surface for the children

A playground in Bucyrus, Ohio is the perfect little retreat for school kids who need to let off some steam after being cooped up in a school building all day. Because it’s such a popular place, they wanted to make sure that every inch was utilized and they noticed that there was a small unused space just off of the playground area, and then the principal had an idea: what if we installed synthetic grass so that the kids could have a recreational field that’s ready for any game that the kids could want to play?

Our SportsGrass Edge XP could provide exactly what they were looking for. It is built with soft blades and a minimal amount of infill, providing a safe and clean surface for the kids to play on. Now they have the perfect miniature field for kickball, whiffle ball, or any game that their little brains can possibly come up with.