Berlin Batting Facility

Location: Berlin, OH
Products: SportsGrass®
Project Type: Indoor Batting Cage

Turf for batting cages that will withstand rough play

When a Berlin, Ohio businessman came up with the idea to create an indoor batting facility for a local school’s baseball team, the community rallied together and helped raise funds for the project. After months of raising funds, the project was ready to take off.

We were thrilled that project planners reached out to us to install quality artificial turf for the batting cages. We used an extremely durable 100% nylon artificial turf to ensure the batting cages would stay in good shape for years to come and baseball players would have a natural-feeling surface to practice on. The project required 8,400 square feet of artificial turf and was completed in just four short days. The facility opened in February 2016.

The combination of having a fun and exciting place to practice batting when the weather is bad, and having a high-quality surface to do it on, has increased the team’s batting averages and gotten them a win in the Division 3 State Championships!