Barn Batting Cage

Location: Dundee, OH
Products: SportsGrass® Arena
Project Type: Indoor Batting Cage

New life is given to an old barn

When a Dundee, Ohio barn was lost in an unfortunate fire, owner Dennis Koshmeter decided to rebuild an even better structure to replace it. Naturally, as the coach of the local high school girls’ softball team, he gravitated towards a sports-centered barn rebuild.

Dennis turned to ForeverLawn of Ohio, who recommended SportsGrass® Arena because of its extreme durability and natural feel under the feet. SportsGrass Arena is a turf constructed of short blades specifically designed for indoor fields. The whole job required 1,200 square feet of artificial turf and was installed in just two days.

From the outside, this looks like an ordinary, newly built barn, but on the inside, you’ll find high ceilings lined with rustic wood panels, numerous skylights, a basketball court, and a fresh new batting cage with premium artificial grass. Since Dennis has a girls' softball team to coach and Ohio winters don’t allow for playing outside, the girls can now practice year-round on a premium surface that feels like a real field.