Arbor Apartments

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Products: ForeverLawn Select® EL
Project Type: Outdoor Space

A cozy amenity deck

The Arbor Apartments is an upscale apartment building that wanted to make their building even better for their residents. Their goal was to construct an amenity deck with a lounge area for their residents to gather in and build community. Included in their plans were a pool, BBQ area, and a space for games. All they needed to complete the space was synthetic grass to keep it clean and mud free.

They gave ForeverLawn of Ohio a call and we had the perfect product to fill all their needs. Our Select EL synthetic grass was installed on their amenity deck. Having a rich and dark appearance, it created a cozy feeling for their new lounge area and was also designed for high-trafficked spaces so it’s low-maintenance even when it’s heavily used.