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Pet Palace is a Pet Boarding Resort in Hilliard, Ohio where both dogs and cats are welcome for boarding, daycare, or grooming. They are a locally owned business with a team of professionals dedicated to the care of your pet. Pet Palace has a unique pet boarding service unlike any other. You can pick from a villa or suite for your dog or cat to stay in while you’re away. So while you’re in a 5-star hotel, so is your pet.  


Hilliard, OH

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An essential part of the care at Pet Palace is exercise and play time. With so many pets it’s hard to maintain natural grass and keep it clean and looking nice, so we partnered up with them to install the perfect artificial grass for their facility: K9Grass®. They started with a small amount, then we added another 2,000 square feet of turf a year later after the positive response from pets and their owners alike. At first they tried a different turf without our knitted backing, but later switched to K9Grass for better durability. Because of the success of K9Grass at the Hilliard location, we installed it in the Delaware facility, and plan to install it in Cleveland and Indianapolis facilities in the future.